Dave Everson

Jumping the Gun on Hospitality

Last week I wrote a long document that described a new hospitality leadership role at Mosaic. Then I added a notice about it to the Reminders. And Amanda put it in the bulletin. And it was announced at church. It was “exciting” and “bold” and “forward-looking.” It was also exactly wrong.In last week’s staff meeting, I asked Amanda what type of leader we need in order to operate cafe and first impressions. She told me we need someone who, each week, will make sure we have three things:

  • crews scheduled for both set-up and tear-down
  • coffee and food handled in ways that comply with health laws
  • enough supplies

That’s it. But somewhere between our meeting and publishing The Reminders, I blew those bullets up into a three-page wish dream.

I really would love for Mosaic to have someone carefully managing all the ways we welcome and take care of the people who come to our building – someone who can commit to that work for a couple of years and deeply influence our church and the way we serve. But the fact is, that’s not what we actually need right now. I don’t apologize for dreaming big, but when I took a dream and made it policy, I broke at least a half-dozen leadership and relational principles. And I should have known better.

So that’s what I apologize for. I’m sorry for jumping the gun with an over-ambitious plan. I’ll work hard to avoid doing that again. And I’m sorry for not asking for what we really need: a person (or a pair) who can take on Amanda’s three bullet points and commit to them for an extended time.

A number of people have offered to help with pieces of the work. I truly appreciate those offers, and it kills me not to be able to say yes. But doing that would put Amanda right back in the coordinator role, and I can’t let her do that. So cafe is on hold until a coordinator is found. If that’s you, and you’re ready, please talk to Amanda or me.


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