Dave Everson

What’s Coming Up

Even though we’re barely into July, Amanda and I are already talking about plans for the fall and winter. Here are some of the ideas that are in the hopper:

  • Healing seminar (planned but date not finalized)
  • Art of Marriage seminar (planned but date not finalized)
  • Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk
  • One Voice Night of Worship
  • Barn Party
  • Christmas Service (Dec 22)
  • Christmas Eve Dinner (Dec 24)

When we decide what to do, we can operate by default (“this is what we’ve always done”), by reaction (“this is what everyone wants us to do/we’re least afraid of/most excited about”), or by wisdom (“this is what we have perceived God has called us to do”). The last one is what we aim for. But sometimes we let ourselves settle for the first two, hoping or pretending that they’ll be as good as number three.

As I look at the list above, I see a lot of inertia, a lot of stuff we’ve done before. And it makes me wonder what we might be missing. I’m not implying that we should reject our traditions or the values God instilled in us years ago. Rather, I want to point out that, having endured the pain of pruning, we are now gifted with a rare and hard-won opportunity.

Just as we ought to be good stewards of our time and resources, we ought to be good stewards of our growth, making wise use of the opportunities each stage brings. Our greatest opportunity, at this post-pruning stage, is that our future is mushy – in a wonderful, entrepreneurial way.

We’re a relatively small, nimble church. We have remarkable freedom to innovate and experiment. And, whether they know it or not, each member in a small church deeply influences its future. Whether you choose to be relatively uninvolved at Mosaic, or whether you live and breathe this place, that choice will affect the shape of our church for years to come. And that isn’t just about volunteering. Your relationships here are even more influential than any role you might take on.

The types of projects we undertake, the ways we do them, our traditions and relational culture – all of that stuff is up for grabs. But not for long. As we grow, those choices will accumulate, settle, and harden into cement. It’s the cement of a foundation, which is good for building. But foundations are never simple to move or change.

So the questions to ask ourselves right now are, “what projects, events, should the Mosaic of today tackle? What tone should we set as we pursue spiritual growth? How can we invest in life-giving relationships and emotional health? How can we work all this into a foundation that our church can thrive on for years to come?”

This is all a very complicated way to say, “God may have important things to tell us. Let’s be sure to pay attention.” Think about it. Pray about it. And when you feel prompted, go ahead and raise your hand – to ask, volunteer, greet a visitor, speak into the future.


By the way, if you have specific ideas about projects or events to “do,” Kevin Kelley is the first person to talk to. He’s the Board’s official Hey-I-Have-An-Idea-For-Something-We-Should-Do guy.