Dave Everson

Online Victories

TRS-80 KeyboardThis summer, God has enabled us to hit some key milestones in strengthening Mosaic’s online presence:

  • Our Google listing now has the right name, contact info, and a picture (this was ridiculously hard)
  • Our podcast feed is stable, and it’s now listed and searchable in the iTunes store
  • We’ve explored electronic donation systems and experimented with a couple of them for the Rehema Home trip
  • We’re in the midst of refining our e-letters‘ design and subscription options
  • Our Facebook page is updated regularly with news, events, links, and fascinating commentary on life in Walnut Hill
  • As time allows, we’re improving aspects of the design and technology behind the website

It’s totally fine if you don’t care much about this stuff. I just mention it because addresses like mosaicny.org and facebook.com/mosaicny are “locations” for us just like 359 West Bloomfield Rd. We work to keep all of them tidy, accessible, and usable. And when God blesses that work, it seems good to thank him for it.

Photo Credits
TRS-80: Marcin Wichary