Dave Everson

What’s up lately

Despite the fact that this is the summer, when we typically assume things are kind of slow at a church, there’s actually a lot going on in terms of planning and preparations for the fall season and even the new year. Tonight, for instance, the Board is going to begin ministry planning for 2014. And in the past week, I think at least three different people have approached me with ideas for new projects.

I can get pretty excited about this kind of stuff. I love the energy that’s behind it all. I love sifting and refining ideas and figuring out how to make them become real. Especially when they’re tied to the values I hold most deeply.

But I also struggle to know how much I ought to talk publicly about the organizational side of Mosaic. It’s not that I want to keep things secret. In fact, if you ask me about it, I’ll be liable to go ahead and answer your question, plus 10 more you didn’t have.

My hesitation has to do with not knowing how much people really want to hear. How thoroughly does an idea need to be cooked before you start bragging about the delicious thing you’ve got in the oven? And what will happen if this cake I promised everyone turns out to be a baked turnip?

But even more deeply than that, I worry about getting so wrapped up in organization-building that I lose track of the people the organization is intended to serve. Or that I would get so excited about things like mission and vision statements that I lose track of the mission Jesus gave his followers and the amazing vision of the future that the Bible already offers us.

There’s no question Mosaic is allowed to put its own words around the gospel and to get especially focused on certain pieces of the big vision. But the moment our message eclipses the core of the gospel, or when our vision doesn’t include Christ, we’ve fallen hopelessly aside from our calling.

So I want to write and write and write about tonight’s Board meeting and all the ideas behind it. I want to do a sermon series about it. I want to spend hours and hours over coffee with whoever will talk to me about it. And I will do some of that. But I’m holding myself back a bit.

That’s what’s up lately. If you’re curious, feel free to ask me more about it. But when you realize I’ve talked at you without breathing for 45 minutes, don’t say I didn’t warn you.