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Grabbing hold of purpose after a transition
We’ve just spent a month or so learning about what changes in the midst of a major transition. Now we ask, “how do we settle into a new way of living in the wake of a transition?” After so much has changed, how can we reclaim a place in the Bible’s vision of “God with God’s People in God’s Place”?


  • October 25: Your people will be my people (Ruth 1:1-19) | Dave Everson [listen]
  • November 1: Overlay redemption across the landscape (Matthew 25:31-46) | Dave Everson [listen]
  • November 8: Step! (Matthew 25:1-30) | Dave Everson [listen]
  • November 15: Watch Your Step! (Matthew 23) | Dave Everson [listen]
  • November 22: Jade | Dave Everson [listen]
Image Credit
Roc Bench: Dave Everson; CC BY 2.0