Kids’ Program Wish List

Heather Stevenson (our new children’s director) is putting together a really ambitious plan for growing the curriculum and resources we offer in our kids programs as we seek to make them a primary ministry of our church. That includes our investing in our existing options–nursery and young kids’ class–along with launching new classes next year.

Want to catch a glimpse of what Heather has in mind? Take a look at her Wish List: it’s where she’s keeping track of equipment, books, toys, and resources she’s found that would help support the programs as they grow. Check it out here.

Our budget for kids is going up next year, and will be able to cover the cost of some of this list. Even so, additional donations would be very appreciated.

As with all special giving, we would ask you to abide by two conditions:

  • your gift is prompted by generosity, not guilt
  • your gift makes sense within your personal budget
  • your gift is over and above whatever you regularly give to support the church

This only makes sense if it doesn’t undermine your conscience, your finances or the church’s.

Image Credits
Kids: U.S. Department of Agriculture; CC BY 2.0