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Advent & Christmas 2015
In the lead-up to Christmas, we examine again the implications of the arrival of Emmanuel, “God With Us.” When Jesus shows up, priorities turn upside down. People and things that had been first move suddenly to the back of the line, while the forgotten, the least, and the lowest burst into significance.


  • November 29: The Face of Generosity (Matthew 22:15-22; Luke 21:1-4) | Dick Foth [listen]
  • December 5: First and last things (Luke 10:38-42) | Dave Everson [listen]
  • December 13: First and last place (Luke 14:1-14) | Dave Everson [listen]
  • December 20: First and last name (Matthew 13:53-58) | Dave Everson [listen]
  • December 27: First and last expectations (Matthew 14:22-36) | Dave Everson [listen]
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La mirada: Roberto Corralo; CC BY-NC-SA 2.0