Sermon: December 27, 2015

Series: Now Appearing (Advent & Christmas 2015) (November 29 to December 20)
Installment: 5 of 5
Speaker: Dave Everson
Related Readings: Psalm 29; Matthew 14:22-36; Psalm 18

Jesus challenged expectations all the time, not the least of which were the expectations of those closest to him. When the 12 were struggling through a stormy night to cross the Sea of Galilee, the last thing they expected was Jesus to come walking to them across the water. And in Matthew’s account, the story gets even more unbelievable, as he invites Peter to climb out of the boat and join him. The “faith” Jesus asks for in this story is deeper and broader than simply choosing a crazy scenario and waiting for it to happen. It involves a wholesale exchange of one set of expectations for another.

Image Credit
Man walking on the water: Heidi & Matt; CC BY-NC-SA 2.0