2016 Annual Meeting Details


This year, the positions that need to be filled are Chair (previously Betsy Rowe-Meyers), Vice-Chair (previously Mark Jackson), Clerk (previously Stacy Turowski), one General Board Member, and two Trustees (previously Alan Walke and Bob Vanniel).

So here is the proposed slate of officers for 2017 (the nominees to be voted on this year appear in bold):

Board of Directors
  • Chair: Mark Jackson (3 years)
  • Vice-Chair: Betsy Rowe-Meyers (1 year)
  • Clerk: Stacy Turowski (1 year)
  • Treasurer: Lori Wheeland: (1 year)
  • General Member: Lance Teitsworth (3 years)
  • General Member: Diane Navarro (2 years)
  • General Member: Mandy Burns (1 year)
  • Kara Everson (3 years)
  • Lance Teitsworth (2 years)
  • Morgan Meyers (1 year)
  • Eric Brown
  • Dave Everson
  • Sue Jacobs
  • Darren Stevenson
  • Keith Woodbridge