Ballroom acoustics

A couple of weeks ago, we hired a sound engineer to analyze the ballroom and make some recommendations for dampening echoes and optimizing the ways we amplify speakers and musicians. The full report hasn’t arrived, but we’ve already learned some interesting things:

  • the room is nearly perfect as-is for classical music
  • the speakers we have aren’t great for this room (unless you’re sitting in the first two rows of chairs)
  • we can probably use wall hangings to solve our biggest issues–i.e., complicated ceiling panels probably aren’t necessary

When the final report comes, it will include a range of options–good, better, and best. It seems likely that we’ll be able to settle on a solution and begin putting it in place soon. In addition to solving the acoustical problems, this project will also open the door to finalizing other longer-term design options: hanging the screen and projector, window blinds, storage, perhaps even some additional lighting.

For now, if you’re having trouble hearing speakers during the services, try sitting in the first two or three rows–the sound is best in that area.

Image Credit
Puppy yell: il_baro; CC BY-NC-SA 2.0