Sermon: April 17, 2016

What happens when you share your faith?

Series: What Happens
Installment: 11
Speaker: Dave Everson
Related Readings: John 9; Jeremiah 20:9-13

"Sharing faith" is a common phrase in the religious tradition that Mosaic is rooted in. But maybe it carries some implications we don't actually mean. Maybe a better phrase would be "telling our stories." Today we look at the story of a man who had to tell his story of an encounter with Jesus--three times--to people who didn't want to believe it. And we watch how, with each telling, the man and his audience change. Our stories have the power to expose our audience, and us, and Jesus for who we, they, and he truly are. And our stories have the power to point us toward hope, if we will drop the things that blind us.

Image Credit

Light bulb: Asbjørn Floden; CC BY-NC 2.0