Sermon: September 4, 2016

Speak and Touch

Series: Findings
Speaker: Dave Everson
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Unfortunately, recording equipment was not available when this sermon was delivered.

Dave talks about the second of two books he studied during his professional development time this summer: Introduction to Christian Worship, by James F. White (3rd Edition, 2000). The book summarizes Dr. White's decades of scholarship into all 2,000 years of the theology and practice of Christian worship.

Dave looks at Hebrews 10:19-25. It begins with “us” approaching God, ends with “us” gathering together, and throughout is overflowing with good things: "confidence," "sincerity," "assurance," "cleansing," "hope," "promises," "faithfulness," "goodness," "love, "community," and "encouragement." Dave (following Dr. White's lead) suggests we ought to embrace the use of the mundane stuff of human life to challenge the notions that God is distant, untouchable, or aloof. Instead, as Christians have always done, we can organize and use space, time, stuff, even our selves in worship, to insist that God is present, approachable, and knowable. That God has, in fact, already entered into our reality so that we can find, approach, and know God. And that this is a great way to take up the challenge of Hebrews 10, to draw near, hold on to hope, and spur one another on.

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Praying together: Jon Swanson; CC BY-NC-SA 2.0