Wealth is Inherently Spiritual

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Although it’s easy to forget this, wealth is an inherently spiritual matter. The Bible talks about wealth, poverty, money, and economic forces a lot.

At last night’s Board Meeting, the church's finances were a key component in our decision-making. Ahead of the meeting, I prepared a little cheat-sheet of Principles for Managing Money, based on a few of Jesus’ key teachings. It’s not exhaustive, but perhaps helpful. Or at least provocative—in the good, thought-provoking way.

Principles for Managing Money

from Matthew 6:19-34, 25:14-30; Luke 16:1-14, 19:1-10; Mark 10:17-31

Serving Mammon

Think like an Owner

  • you’re guided by goals and principles you choose
  • you answer only to yourself


  • driven by ambition, fear, greed, necessity
  • shaped only by human wisdom

Wealth must be protected

Survival is your responsibility

  • other things must be deprioritized
Serving God

Think like a Steward

  • specifically guided by the owner’s instructions; generally guided by your knowledge of the owner’s character and priorities
  • when the owner returns, you’re ready to account for and hand over everything


  • driven by love, sacrifice, mission
  • can be informed by human wisdom, but ultimately shaped by biblical wisdom

Wealth must be put to work

Survival is God’s responsibility

  • frees you to “seek the kingdom first”