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Nine Big Problems that Our Mission Can Solve

Last week I suggested using Jesus' commands to his disciples as a guide for developing our four focus areas.

As we do that, it will be helpful to remember why Jesus gave those commands. They aren't arbitrary--each one is a solution to a real, human problem:

Problem 1. You are "sheep without a shepherd"
Solution: Follow me ("I am the way, the truth, and the life")

Problem 2. "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few"
Solution: Go

Problem 3. There is good news for the people, but they haven't heard it yet
Solution: Preach

Problem 4. Many are sick, broken, in need of help and restoration
Solution: Heal

Problem 5. The world does not know what it looks like when my love shapes individuals and communities
Solution: Love one another

Problem 6. You will be prone to forget my gift to you and my presence with you
Solution: Eat & drink in remembrance of me

Problem 7. There are many more "sheep without a shepherd" out there
Solution: Go make disciples

Problem 8. You don't have the power, wisdom, or comfort you will need to accomplish what I'm sending you to do
Solution: Wait for power from on high

Problem 9. You are the only ones who can tell the story of what you've seen and heard of my love, truth, power, life
Solution: Be my witnesses

These problems aren't the kind that get solved once and go away for good. They repeat themselves generation after generation. They're as relevant now in Rochester as they were 2,000 years ago in Israel.

So here's another question for each team to keep in mind as it plans and builds: Will our area actually solve the problems that Jesus is interested in?