Service: July 15, 2018

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Season: Ordinary Time
Week: Eighth Sunday After Pentecost
Title: Recognize, Part 2: Seeing Past Shame


Speaker: Dave Everson
This month we're studying Mark 6—a series of short vignettes that are packed with revelations of WHO Jesus is. At the same time, the people around Jesus fail to fully recognize him. We're looking at the things that get in the way, specifically familiarity, shame, fatigue, and scarcity.

When Herod Antipater, ruler of Galilee, is forced to face his conscience, he freezes. He becomes "perplexed"—trapped by the demands of his reputation and bullied by his shame, he finds it impossible to move. And he cuts himself off from the one person who can open a way out—the one person who can tell him his true name. We do not have to do the same.

The quoted reflection on Dulcinea in Man of La Mancha come from The Signature of Jesus, by Brennan Manning »
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