Service: July 22, 2018

Service Details

Season: Ordinary Time
Week: Ninth Sunday After Pentecost
Title: Recognize, Part 3: Seeing Past Fatigue


Speaker: Dave Everson
This month we're studying Mark 6—a series of short vignettes that are packed with revelations of WHO Jesus is. At the same time, the people around Jesus fail to fully recognize him. We're looking at the things that get in the way, specifically familiarity, shame, fatigue, and scarcity.

The disciples return from their successful mission to the villages, and Jesus invites them to take a break with him the wilderness. But their vacation is interrupted before it even begins by the great crowd who sees Jesus leave and follows him. After ministering to the crowd, they cross the Sea of Galilee. Again, they are immediately recognized, and mobbed by people seeking Jesus and his healing power. Jesus sees two needs in this story: The disciples’ fatigue and the crowd’s need for a shepherd. What does it mean for the disciples that he chooses to care for the crowd? Do the disciples ever get the rest they need? Can they see the real Jesus with tired eyes, as they serve alongside him? And what about us: do we get the rest we need? Who do we see when we look at Jesus with tired eyes?

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