Service: July 29, 2018

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Season: Ordinary Time
Week: Tenth Sunday After Pentecost
Title: Recognize, Part 4: Seeing Past Scarcity


Speaker: Dave Everson
This month we're studying Mark 6—a series of short vignettes that are packed with revelations of WHO Jesus is. At the same time, the people around Jesus fail to fully recognize him. We're looking at the things that get in the way, specifically familiarity, shame, fatigue, and scarcity.

What to do when we have barely enough for ourselves, and we're faced with a massive need? Today, we close out this series with two familiar stories that take place back-to-back: the feeding of 5,000 people with five loaves and two fish, and Jesus walking on water. Our attention is on the disciples, who, with their calloused hearts, can't recognize Jesus but still participate in what Jesus is doing and experience Jesus' salvation.

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