Sermon: August 5, 2018

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Season: Ordinary Time
Week: Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost
Title: The Eye of the Monster, Part 1: The Gift of Fear


Speaker: Darren Stevenson
Fear pushes us around, binds us up, and pushes us down. Fear also keeps us safe, humble, and even happy. In the first half of August, Darren Stevenson shows us when to resist fear, when to let perfect love cast it out, and when to let fear guide us.

This week: we don’t like to be afraid or to live in fear. But fear is not all bad. Sometimes it’s useful. Sometimes it’s even essential. Using the same Greek word, phobos, John tells us “there is no fear in love,” and Paul tells us to “work out your faith with fear and trembling.” How to recognize when fear is a gift from God, and when it had taken the place of God.