Sermon: August 12, 2018

Service Details

Season: Ordinary Time
Week: Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost
Title: The Eye of the Monster, Part 2: Jesus Jokes


Speaker: Darren Stevenson
Fear pushes us around, binds us up, and pushes us down. Fear also keeps us safe, humble, and even happy. This month, we explore when to resist fear, when to let perfect love cast it out, and when to let fear guide us.

This week: Jokes reveal truth that’s hard to say or hard to hear. And they have a special way of subverting powerful people and systems. That’s why the Bible tells a lot of jokes—throughout the Old Testament and new, God and people and even animals use humor to bring light to dark places and to reassert the authority and love of God where it’s been challenged. It’s a great way to topple “fears that take the place of God.”