Six Leadership Principles

Scripture says an awful lot about how and why we ought to do the work we do. Mosaic has distilled these six principles as central to the way we operate. There are other principles, no doubt, but these are particularly important to us.


Prayer is woven into all our work; it begins, guides, and completes any effort.


The work of the local church is done by people who are:

  • called and empowered by the Holy Spirit
  • loved, commissioned, equipped, and directed by the Lord and by the church
  • willing and committed to serve faithfully in love


“The local church is the hope of the world,” and so the quality and character of our work for the church is of critical importance. We ought to hold that work to at least as high a standard as our professional work.


Our work is oriented toward realizing Mosaic’s vision in ways that are consistent with our core values and faithful to our mission.


We ought to undertake new work only if it can be done well and without robbing our existing efforts of the resources they need to succeed well.


We are pursuing obedience. We are not pursuing growth. Growth is in God’s hands. Obedience is up to us.