Mosaic Exists to Love Together

We think consensus is a flimsy basis for unity—especially at a time when even the best of us are tempted toward anger and division. Instead, we unite to love and through love. We're convinced God uses this to heal persons and communities.

What we mean by “Love”

We mean words and work that serve, reconcile, and restore—a costly, Jesus-shaped love that coaxes life out of death. We’re not particularly good at this. But we press on because we believe deeply that it’s worth chasing and that God can and will make up the difference between what is and what ought to be.

Our name is our story

“Mosaic” captures the unifying story of our people—a collection of varied, broken pieces, mended and fitted together by a master craftsman. It's also the story of our organization—formed in 2007 through the merger of two churches.

What we're building

We aim to be an authentic, creative faith community that communicates God’s love, invests in the Greater Rochester community, fosters meaningful relationships, and offers a safe place to experience healing, hope, and grace along the spiritual journey.