2015 Annual Meeting

Mosaic’s Annual Meeting took place after the service on Sunday, December 6. Betsy Rowe-Meyers, Mosaic’s Board Chair, presented a summary of 2015 and a few glimpses of 2016. Treasurer Lori Wheeland presented the proposed budget and facilitated a Q & A. Members were then asked to vote on the slate of officers for 2016, as well as the proposed budget. All votes passed.

For members who could not attend the meeting, Betsy’s presentation slides and a recording of the meeting are available:


This year, the positions that need to be filled are Vice-Chair (previously Mark Jackson), Clerk (previously Stacy Turowski), and 2 General Board Members (previously Marilyn Vanniel and Alicia Reinhardt). Mark and Stacy are both willing to serve another term in their respective positions, and no other recommendations were received. Lance Teitsworth has been nominated to fill one of the open General Board Member seats. We’ve chosen to leave the other seat open for this year to avoid over-committing our volunteers.

So here is the slate that will be presented for a vote:

  • Clerk: Stacy Turowski (1 year)
  • Vice-Chair: Mark Jackson (1 year)
  • General Member: Lance Teitsworth (1 year)


The budget is quite a bit different this year, so please spend time looking it over. The other documents linked on this page offer some helpful information and highlight key changes this year: