Christmas Season 2017

Christmas Artwork

The original Christmas was a gift that unlocked for humankind the deepest relationship and deepest healing we could ask for. And so Mosaic’s Christmas season is also intended as a gift — to members, neighbors, strangers alike.

The events themselves aren’t really breaking any new ground. (After 2,000 years, how many new Christmas ideas could anyone really come up with?) But we’re riffing on old traditions in ways that we hope will truly add to life to your holidays instead of stealing it away.

All are welcome. You don’t need to give or do anything. Just come.

December 3 to 24
Season of preparation leading to Christmas
December 17, 10:30am
Mosaic Kids take center stage
December 24, 6:30pm
Music, the manger, and light
October 22 to November 19
Packing gifts in shoeboxes for kids around the world
December 10 and 17
Kids deliver cards, raising money for Rehema Home
December 31
Taking a break to travel and celebrate. Enjoy!