Our basic beliefs about God, ourselves, our world, and the overarching story that ties all of them together.

These beliefs are drawn from the Bible and the theological work of our predecessors in the Church, handed down to us. We share them with millions of Christians throughout the world.


As our foundational statement of faith, we affirm the fundamental beliefs that are set forth in the ancient Apostles’, Nicene, and Chalcedonian Creeds. We consider these creeds to be a critical point of unity with the larger Church. More...

Beliefs in Brief

In addition, the following statements go a few steps beyond the creeds to explain our congregation’s basic theology. These ideas are neither exhaustive nor unique to us, but we consider them important because they capture our take on key questions.


We believe that God created the world and placed humans in it. Humanity lived in harmony with God, with each other, and with creation, until we rebelled against God and God's ways, breaking all three relationships.


We believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that he is fully human and fully divine, that he literally died and rose again, and that our faith in him reconciles us to God.


We believe that reconciliation with God through Christ ensures eternal life and opens up the possibility of redemption in every sphere of personal and social life. We look forward to a future in which redeemed humanity will live in a restored creation, in renewed relationship with God and each other.


In the meantime, we believe God’s Spirit is present in and among us, calling and enabling us to live lives that are increasingly like Jesus: responsive to God, grounded in truth, and committed, above all, to loving God and others. We work in the present for a world that echoes the future we hope for.


Our beliefs are rooted in the Bible. We believe its writers were inspired by God, and that it is therefore a supremely reliable authority in matters of theology, faith, worship, and living.

Settled beliefs?

While the Mosaic organization is unlikely to change its positions on these things, we believe responsible, healthy people will wonder about and question them. We aspire to make Mosaic a safe place to seek God, regardless of how settled your faith or theology are.

Bottom line

Our goal in worship, teaching, and service, is to create encounters between our knowable God and human beings who all, to some degree, are estranged from God. Our hope is that encounter will lead to reconciliation, and reconciliation to ongoing, life-giving relationship.