Core Values

As we live out our core beliefs, we weave in a more specific set of values that God has impressed on our community. These values are not ours alone, but they help to shape Mosaic’s distinct work and culture within the local and world-wide Christian communities. They are rooted in the strengths of our people and the problems we feel compelled to solve.

Meaningful Connections

Relationships are the hub and heart of Mosaic; people are the life of this church, and our community extends way beyond a Sunday morning service. We believe that we were created to live deeply with one another, carrying each other’s burdens, serving one another, praying for each other, and suffering and celebrating together. We believe that relationships are essential in growing spiritually. It is in these honest, loving, life-giving friendships that God transforms us.

Undeniable Grace

God’s grace is big enough to embrace everyone. As we live in the reality of grace, God’s Spirit begins to restore the broken pieces…to turn our selfishness into loving service, our failures into new opportunities, our fear into courage, our aimlessness into meaningful purpose. We strive to be a community where everyone is welcome and God’s transforming grace flows through us, bringing healing and restoration to those who are broken. We are a house of mercy, always aware of God’s mercy towards us, and extending it to others.

Life-Giving Worship & Prayer

We seek to break free from religious stereotypes and remove religious jargon and rituals that tend to alienate people that are on a spiritual journey. Mosaic honors God through worship and prayer that is fresh, honest, and creative, expressed in ways that are both individually free and sensitive to others. They extend beyond our gatherings into our work, our art, our studies—our lives. And they are focused on relationships with God and with each other.

Equipped Families

Children have a special place in the hearts of the Mosaic family. We recognize their intrinsic ability to grasp the wonder of God’s creation and the simplicity of His love for us. Consequently, our children have taught us much over the years as we have sought to engage them with the stories and values presented in the Bible. Of particular importance to us is teaching children, from toddlers to teenagers, about what it means to follow Jesus, to love and serve others, and to be a part of a faith community. We know that the challenges and rewards of parenting are unmatched by any occupation, and because of this, we see the church as a partner and resource for parents as they work to raise children who love and serve God.

Thriving Arts

Since its inception, Mosaic has been a haven for artists who are unwilling to let art and faith diminish each other. This includes musicians, painters, dancers, writers, photographers, illustrators, designers, teachers, parents, programmers, and many others who have found a home here, and who have woven their art into our community, its expression, and its mission. This core value, which is consistent with God’s creative nature, is one of many elements of our culture that provides a safe and inviting place to those not comfortable with a traditional church setting.

Engaging the Community

We are all created to live for something larger than ourselves. We understand that as individuals and as a church, we are at our best when our serving, sacrifice and love are evident in our daily lives rather than confined to our church building. We aim to engage the culture of our time – to communicate the message of Christ in a culturally relevant manner, while challenging injustice, apathy, materialism, and other cultural norms that are inconsistent with God’s heart for mercy, restoration, and things of eternal value. We will seek to bring these values into our neighborhoods, our workplaces, our schools, the Greater Rochester community, and beyond.