Our neighborhood is primarily residential, and we share the building with other businesses and residents. When you visit, please respect our neighbors and obey parking signs.

Finding Us

Major cross streets: Gregory Street runs between South Avenue and Clinton Avenue. Following either of those to Gregory is a simple way to go.
From Goodman Street: turn north on Clinton, then west (left) onto Gregory
From Meigs Street: turn onto Cayuga from Meigs, and follow Cayuga to where it ends at Gregory


On Gregory Street: paved lot next to the building
On Cayuga Street: small paved lot next to the building
Sunday Morning only: the Tap and Mallet lot, accessed from Cayuga Street (12 spaces on right)
On-street parking: available throughout the neighborhood
A bike rack: available next to the building on the Cayuga Street sidewalk
During large events, other nearby lots may also be available.

Our Entrance

Access to Mosaic's space is from Cayuga Street, through the door closest to the parking lot. The ballroom is located on the third floor, at the top of the stairs.