The Dead Man Came Out

The Dead Man Came Out

Easter 2017

Sundays of Easter Season

Sunday, April 16: Jesus said to her, "Mary!" [service details] [sermon]
Sunday, April 23: Stuck In What-Is [service details] [sermon]
Sunday, April 30: Faith: Stepping Toward What-Ought-To-Be [service details] [sermon]
Sunday, May 7: Doubt: What Does Belief Mean? [service details] [sermon]
Sunday, May 14: Breath of Life [service details] [sermon]
Sunday, May 21: Becoming Ourselves [service details] [sermon]
Sunday, May 28: Memorial Day Worship & BBQ [service details]
Sunday, June 4: I Will Pour Out My Spirit [service details] [sermon]

Do you like reading ahead?

Here are all the Scripture readings for the 2017 Easter season. The sermons and services above are based on these. If you like, you can weave them into your personal prayer and worship.

All 2017 Easter Season Readings ยป

These readings come from the Revised Common Lectionary. However, in our services we're shuffling them around a bit.

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