Friday Table

God does not hide out on the third floor of Weider’s Hall. Neither does our church.

Join us at Friday Table to “attend to the presence of God in our midst.”

with conversation, dinner, and some “light church”

Photo: two women at a Thanksgiving dinner table


We gather in a home to eat, chat, and connect.

Photo: discussion


We pause for a simple discussion and prayer. We consider ways to respond on our own and together.

Photo: bread and wine served on a table


We receive and remember Jesus' gift of himself, his empowering and unifying presence with us.

Photo: two men giving a high five


Then we break. Some return to eating and chatting. Some step aside for more focused discussion. Some pray together.

Photo: Seven mugs held together by a group of people


Finally, we return to our lives—inspired and empowered, we hope—to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.

For winter 2019, we're gathering on the third Friday of each month.
Come to worship. Come to know and be known. Come to be sent.