What to do with vital information that no one wants to hear.

A survey of the writings of Jeremiah

September 1

Appointed. The first person who doesn’t want the information is the one who’s supposed to share it with the world. Service Details »

September 8

Charges. What went wrong and who’s responsible. Service Details »

September 15

Uncreation. A vision of what’s going to be lost—and what remains. Service Details »

September 22

Easy News. One way to avoid hard news is to find something else to believe. Service Details »

September 29

Lament. Mourning put into words and sent to the one who needs to hear them. Service Details »

October 13

Options. Take stock while there’s still time to change things. Service Details »

October 20

Permission to Prosper. When I rescue you, be more than you are now. Service Details »

October 27

New Covenant. Next time, we’re doing things differently. Service Details »

November 6

Invest. Plan to lose everything. And to get it all back. Service Details »