Heather Stevenson

Heather, her husband Darren, and their two sons have been part of Mosaic since 2000. She and Darren are co-founders and co-directors of PUSH Physical Theatre, an award-winning national touring company that calls Mosaic home. And Heather directs PUSH’s children’s division, PUSH Pins.

Heather joined our staff as Children’s Ministry Director in 2015. She brings a ton of passion and skill, as well as 30 years of experience teaching and mentoring kids and young adults. Heather is well-known for her work with PUSH, but she is perhaps even more well-regarded for her work with children through PUSH Pins, Young Audiences, and school residencies. Heather’s experience and reputation spring from her remarkable ability to build trust and rapport with kids. She just knows, better than most, how to respect kids, draw the best out of them, inspire them, and teach them to experience love and offer it in return.