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Advent 2016

For centuries, Christians have celebrated the four weeks leading up to Christmas as the beginning of a new spiritual year. During that time, it's common to read the ancient Jewish prophecies that promised a Messiah would come, the Gospels that describe his arrival, and the later Scriptures that encourage us as we wait for his return. We weave these themes into our worship services throughout the season, and we encourage people to do the same in their personal prayer and worship. We meditate on the hope and peace and justice that were to accompany his arrival, and to prepare our hearts to receive the King and Savior.

Sermon Schedule

November 27: We get ready [service details] [listen]
December 4: God prepares us [service details] [listen]
December 11: God gives signs [service details] [listen]
December 18: Kids' Christmas Sunday [service details]

Do you like reading ahead?

Here are all the Scripture readings for the 2016 Christmas season. The sermons and services above are based on these. If you like, you can weave them into your personal prayer and worship.

All 2016 Christmas Readings ยป

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