Deserts and Gardens

Deserts and Gardens

Lent 2017

When Jesus successfully endured the wilderness—with its deprivation and temptation—the desert became a garden for him. That pattern will lie at the heart of our worship throughout Lent: What kinds of deserts do we face? Can they become gardens for us, as well?

Week 1

Wednesday, March 1: Ash Wednesday Drop-In [details...]

Week 2: Turning Deserts into Gardens

Sunday Morning, March 5: The Temptation of Jesus [service details] [sermon]
Thursday Evening, March 9: Deserts & Gardens [service details]

Week 3: Desert of Confusion/Garden of Understanding

Sunday Morning, March 12: Nicodemus [service details] [sermon]
Thursday Evening, March 16: Hearing truth through noise [service details]

Week 4: Desert of Sin/Garden of Righteousness

Sunday Morning, March 19: The Woman at the Well [service details] [sermon]
Thursday Evening, March 23: Guilt and freedom/Accusing and freeing [service details]

Week 5: Desert of Rejection/Garden of Acceptance

Sunday Morning, March 26: The Man Who Was Blind [service details] [sermon]
Thursday Evening, March 30: Outcast and casting out/Welcome and welcoming [service details]

Week 6: Desert of Decay/Garden of Restoration

Sunday Morning, April 2: Lazarus [service details] [sermon]
Thursday Evening, April 6: Destroying and healing; Dying and being healed [service details]

Week 7: Holy Week

Sunday Morning, April 9: What Kind of King? [service details] [sermon]
Thursday Evening, April 13: Maundy Thursday Service [service details]
Friday, April 14: Good Friday Services

Do you like reading ahead?

Here are all the Scripture readings for the 2017 Lent season. The sermons and services above are based on these. If you like, you can weave them into your personal prayer and worship.

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Judean desert: acazorzi; CC BY 2.0