People are the life of this church, and our community extends way beyond a Sunday morning service. We believe that we were created to live deeply with one another, carrying each other’s burdens, serving one another, praying for each other, and suffering and celebrating together.

One of the main ways we foster that value is through Life Groups.

Life Groups are designed to help people experience God’s love within a small community, usually no larger than 12 people. Life Groups work hard to build an environment where trust, confidentiality, and mutual support are highly valued. Each member is allowed to freely share struggles and personal challenge areas.

Life Groups often start a bit tentatively and then evolve carefully to fit the personalities and needs of their members. Some last a few months; others continue for many years. Some use focused study; others rely on open conversation. And it’s not unusual for a group to change its tactics or format as relationships grow deeper.

Like many churches, Mosaic has found that these small communities offer phenomenal support to their members. When our Life Groups are healthy and well-developed, they offer our best people care. That’s also our greatest challenge: healthy, well-developed Life Groups take time and skill to build.

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