Our Vision


We aim to be an authentic, creative faith community that communicates God’s love, invests in the Greater Rochester community, fosters meaningful relationships, and offers a safe place to experience healing, hope, and grace along the spiritual journey.


How We’ll Get There

This vision contains a volatile set of goals and values: In a diverse group, relationships and community all too often come at the expense of authenticity and safety. Consensus and conformity would be a lot simpler.

But there is a better way.


Reject shortcuts

Consensus and conformity are a lousy substitute for unity—especially at a time when even the best of us are drawn toward anger and division.

Consensus and conformity cost too much. They hijack your conscience, mind, body, story. They may may give us absence of conflict. But they won’t lead us anywhere near our dream.

Plus, Jesus doesn’t demand consensus and conformity. Jesus fosters unity.

Love Together

So instead, we unite through love and to love—a love composed of words and work that serve, reconcile, and restore—a costly, Jesus-shaped lifestyle that coaxes life out of death.

True unity includes and transcends difference. It’s work that everyone shares.

That’s why we say Mosaic exists to Love Together. We’re convinced God uses this to heal persons and communities.

BE Here, Aim for There

We’re not especially good at any of this. Love is very difficult, and we’re often not up to the challenge. We are incomplete: always building, never built. We are diverse, but we don’t represent the full diversity of our community. And we haven’t fully shaken the habits of consensus and conformity.

But we press on because we believe deeply that all this is worth chasing and that God can and will make up the difference between what is and what ought to be.