Mosaic’s Mission

We aspire to know Christ, to be moved by His love, to learn to walk in His ways, to embrace His heart of restoration, and to make a difference in our world.

How We’re Pursuing This: “Right-Making”

We believe that what-is and what-ought-to-be are two different things. The heart of Christ’s work is shrinking the gap between them. And he calls us, individually and together, to join him in “restoring rightness”—in our persons, relationships, community, and world.

At Mosaic, we engage in right-making in six key ways:


The worship experience at Mosaic is an attempt to create encounters between our knowable God and human beings. Because encounters like that can delight God and change us. More...

HEaling and Growth

Each person has intrinsic worth and dignity, strengths and weaknesses, health and wounds. We help people discover God's presence and to invite God's influence into their personal healing and growth, wherever they are in their spiritual journey.

Meaningful Connections

Relationships are the hub and heart of Mosaic; people are the life of this church, and our community extends way beyond a Sunday morning service. We believe these meaningful human connections are essential to spiritual growth. They can also be really hard. More...


Mosaic's kids' program encourages and equips kids to care for their spiritual, physical, emotional and social well-being through worship and prayer, learning, building friendships, movement, and service. More...

Community Venue

Weider's Hall has been a gathering place for over 130 years. Part of our mission is to foster personal, artistic, and civic growth in the Rochester community by making the ballroom available as a dance studio, fitness venue, event space, and sanctuary. More...


We connect with people and organizations that are working to shrink the gap in our community between what is and what ought to be. We provide volunteers and donations and raise awareness. More...