Each year, some of our officers step down and others step in to replace them. Members are invited to suggest replacements.

The Process

There are several Board members and Trustee positions up for election this year. Some current members will remain, others are stepping down, and their positions need to be filled. Mosaic's process for that includes these steps:

  1. Any member can recommend a name (including themselves) for any open position
  2. A nominating committee reviews all recommendations, talks to candidates, and develops a slate of candidates
  3. The Elders and Board review and endorse the nominations
  4. Members vote for or against each nomination at the annual meeting

Please be a part of this process by prayerfully considering who might fill the open positions and making recommendations to the nominating committee.

Dates to Remember

  • 11/6/13 Sunday -- Last day to nominate members to fill a trustee or board position
  • 11/20/13 Sunday -- Nominating committee will introduce ballot to members
  • 12/4/13 Sunday -- Annual Meeting, Congregation votes to approve/disapprove the ballot (childcare & brown bag lunch provided)

Board of Directors

In general, the Board oversees the ministries and operations of the church. It meets once a month for about three hours (except July and December). In addition to monthly meetings, Board members have various responsibilities (e.g., the Clerk keeps meeting minutes, the Treasurer facilitates finances). Board members may also coordinate other short-term issues, depending on their abilities and the needs of the church in a given month.

  1. Chair (3 year term)
  2. Vice Chair (1 year term)
  3. Clerk (1 year term)
  4. General board (2 year term)


Trustees are responsible for the church's possessions and properties. They are involved in the care of our facility and high-level oversight of church finances. They work most closely with the Office Manager and Treasurer.

  1. Trustee (2 year term)
  2. Trustee (3 year term)

To nominate a member to fill a position

Please prayerfully consider then send nominations to

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