(Re)Discover the world alongside Jesus

Jesus traveled all over the historic territory of the kingdom of Israel. As he taught and healed, he surprised people with glimpses of a “kingdom” that was at once familiar and foreign. This fall we’ll read through the heart of Mark’s gospel, listening and watching for hints of that other place—the world that has come and is coming.

Sunday, September 2: What’s Inside?
Sunday, September 9: Who’s Inside?
Sunday, September 16: Who’s In Charge?
Sunday, September 23: Who’s the Best?
Sunday, September 30: Who’s On Board?
Sunday, October 7: Be Soft
Sunday, October 14: Be Rich
Sunday, October 21: Be Great
Sunday, October 28: Be Loud
Sunday, November 4: Love
Sunday, November 11: Give
Sunday, November 18: Look