Origin Stories

The first half of the Church calendar comes to a climax at Pentecost. We celebrate the completion of Jesus’ work, the arrival of the Holy Spirit, and the launch of the Church. And after that?

After that, we enter into many months of “Ordinary Time.”

Officially, the “ordinary” means “counted,” because each week is numbered, e.g., “the third Sunday after Pentecost.” Unofficially, it’s ordinary because there’s no special theme. These weeks are for plain old discipleship—just going about the business of living life as Christians. It’s both ordinary and profoundly important.

This year, the lectionary readings during those weeks take us through some of the Bible’s most important origin stories. We’ll rediscover how it says the Jewish people came to be. And we’ll bounce ahead to the Gospel of Matthew, where Jesus’ parables describe the difference between his home and ours, and where he invites us to come home with him.

June 18 to August 6

Abraham, Sarah, and their kids


August 13 to September 3

A glimpse of Jesus' home in his parables

(The Gospel of Matthew)

September 10 to October 15

Leaving slavery and becoming free

(Exodus and Joshua)

October 22 to November 5

Parables that ask us where we're from

(The Gospel of Matthew)

November 12 to November 26

Parables that ask us if we're prepared to go home

(The Gospel of Matthew)

Here are all the Scripture readings for the season. The sermons and services above are based on these. If you like, you can weave them into your personal prayer and worship.