Mothers and Fathers

The book of Genesis describes how God called Abram and his wife Sarai to uproot themselves and travel to a new place. If they would do this, God promised to give them children and turn their family into a nation—the people of God.

June 11: Invisible wounds call for an invisible God (Elisabeth Brown) [service details] [sermon]*
June 18: Abraham and Sarah [service details] [sermon]
June 25: Abraham and Isaac [service details] [sermon]
July 9: From shame to significance (Heather Zempel) [service details] [sermon]*
July 16: Abraham and Rebekah [service details] [sermon]
July 23: Jacob and Esau [service details] [sermon]
July 30: Leah and Rachel [service details] [sermon]
August 6: Jacob and God [service details] [sermon]

*These sermons, delivered by guest speakers, were not connected to the
Mothers and Fathers series.