Creation: Very Good

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Season and Week: Epiphany | Fifth Sunday After the Epiphany

Sermon Title: The Roots of Justice, Part 2—Creation: Very Good

Speaker: Dave Everson


In probing the meaning of justice, we’ve used words and phrases like “what ought to be,” “moral excellence,” and “righteousness.” In using this kind of language, we’re been circling around the idea of rightness—the standard that determines whether a thing is or is not just. Last week we surveyed Scripture and found that justice is indeed rooted in God's character and perfectly expressed in God’s words and actions. Now, to explore justice in a more concrete way, we’ll turn our attention to the creative work of our supremely just God.The seven-day creation story (Genesis 1:1 to 2:3) offers vision of a perfectly just world—one where rightness is built in to all things. We know this to be so, because when God has finished working, he looks over creation and declares it very good. A just God would not have said this about a creation that was anything less than right in “in all its vast array”.With that in mind, today we begin to consider how creation's very goodness both affirms and challenges our own notions and experiences of “rightness.”


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