Creation: Come Awake

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Season and Week: Epiphany | Eighth Sunday After the Epiphany

Sermon Title: The Roots of Justice, Part 2—Creation: Come Awake

Speaker: Dave Everson


As we shift into Genesis 2, God’s creative style shifts, too—instead of a majestic overseer, creating by command, God becomes a hands-on craftsman, creating by hand. It’s no wonder, then, that God’s creative process for humankind includes two “awakenings” into intimacy—we emerge into consciousness in God’s arms with God’s face pressed to ours, receiving the breath of life from God’s lungs. Then we awaken again to discover God has created companionship for us.To live in ongoing intimacy with God and with each other is to be truly “awake” to what is right. This is how we can know if justice has been accomplished: can all rest in God’s closeness, God’s love, God’s life flowing into us? Can all be both vulnerable and at ease in each other’s presence?