Reconciliation: Parent-Child


Unfortunately, there was a problem with the recording this week. We are working to recover it, but it remains unclear whether that will be possible.

Continuing our study of the three reconciliation parables in Luke 15, we move on to the big one: the parable of the Lost Son (or Prodigal Son). We will most likely look at the sons’ departure and his reconciliation with the father, saving the scene with the older brother for another week. We take note of three "movements" in the story: Distance, Return, and Restoration. We see how the three parables together tell of three ways of being lost: being left behind or abandoned; being overlooked or misplaced; and running away. Each has its own corresponding type of search: far and wide; close and in; still and watching. In every case, God searches in the place where, and with the method by which, those who are lost can actually be found. And when the search is over, each time God's heart overflows with joy and celebration.