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Ordinary Time | Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Sermon: Hard News: Charges

Speaker: Dave Everson


Our series this month and next is a survey of Jeremiah called, “Hard News”—what to do with vital information that no one wants to hear.

This week: For the first time, Jeremiah publicly lays out God’s grievances: the people have forsaken God and embraced worthless idols. They have debased themselves and the land God gave them. God makes the case against them with both facts and feelings—God’s deep hurt reveals as much about the nature of the offense as the particulars of the people’s actions.

Interestingly, God also seems to separate guilt and responsibility. The crimes were first committed long generations before Jeremiah’s time. Even so, God finds the current generation responsible.

Part of what makes Hard News hard is that it demands a response. When we don’t reckon with it well, someone else will have to pick up the tab.