Service Details

Ordinary Time | Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost

Sermon: Hard News: Appointed

Speaker: Dave Everson


Our series this month and next is a survey of Jeremiah called, “Hard News”—what to do with vital information that no one wants to hear.

This week: The first person who doesn’t want the information is the one who’s supposed to share it with the world.

We begin with an introduction to the man and his times. In the first 10 verses of the book, we find most of Jeremiah’s ministry foreshadowed: his difficult message, the resistance he’ll face, his dogged persistence, and the faithful backing and protection of God.

We begin asking questions this week that will follow us throughout our study: What hard news have we been entrusted with, and how can we carry it? Are we any more open to God’s word than Jeremiah’s people were?