Last Big Moving Day

Since we began the process of moving, we expected to hire a crew to box up and move most of our stuff. But the work we've already done ourselves has gone way better than expected. So well, in fact, that we think that in one last push, we can move almost everything else ourselves, and leave just a few big pieces of furniture for the pros to handle.This is going to save us $2,000 to 3,000, which we can spend instead on things that more directly benefit the church: the children's spaces, acoustic improvements, etc.
Date: Saturday, December 6Time: Mid-morning to early-afternoonMeet at: Walnut Hill
We will be moving the last of our stuff to store from Walnut Hill to our storage unit. Nearly all of it is packed and gathered together. We'll load it onto a U-Haul, drive it to the storage place, then unload it, and we'll be done. If things go really, really well, it's possible we'll take one or two pieces of furniture to Weider's Hall. But the main priority is storage. It's going to be a lot like the old days of packing up after a church service--even with many of the same carts and materials!If you can, please put this date on your calendar and come help make this last push. Saving this money is going to make a really big impact on our "growth" budget.
Image CreditsU-Haul: Thomas Hawk; CC BY-NC 2.0