Human Rights Summit

Social Welfare Action Alliance (SWAA) is a national organization of social and human service workers who advocate for social and economic justice, peace, and work to organize coalitions of those affected by injustices as well as those working for change. You may be familiar with Rochester SWAA from the annual Reality Tour, which provides education about everyday social and economic injustices suffered by many in our community.On the evening of April 14th and all day April 15th, SWAA is hosting a summit on human rights here in Rochester. The goal of the event is to:
...understand how a human rights framework can help us to connect the struggles for such issues as racial justice, clean water and the war on the poor and then move those connections to action.

Participants will include "national and local activists, educators and human service workers along with people who are directly affected by human rights violations."

Get involved

If you're affected by human rights violations in any way, you can get involved by attending or participating in the summit. You can also support the summit and its participants by helping SWAA with the logistics. They are especially in need of hosts for their out-of-town participants. These include speakers and leaders, as well as a delegation of residents from Flint, Michigan who will be sharing first-hand accounts of the water crisis there. Host homes for these guests, as well as transportation to and from the summit, are key needs.

Interested? Questions?

Check in with Isaac Jacobs, who is a SWAA member and can answer questions or put you in touch with other summit organizers.

Image CreditSummit: C. Elle; CC BY-NC-SA 2.0