X-Stream: Summer 2016


X-Stream 15

Immediately following the main service
May thru July: Join us in the loft for chit-chat and snacky snacks
August: X-Stream 15 continues in the form of walks through the neighborhood. Tell your parents we'll be back to Mosaic by 12:30.


Game Night at Spot Coffee

Thursday, June 9: 6:30 to 9pm
200 East Avenue, Rochester, New York 14607
Join us for board games on the top floor of Spot Coffee. Purchase a beverage and head upstairs to chill with Heather and friends.
Bring a new friend and each receive a $5 Spot gift card.
*Older game players welcome.

School's Out Breakfast

Sunday, June 26th: Immediately following the main service
We're heading to the South Wedge Diner for breakfast, lunch, brunch? Whatever it is, let's eat pancakes and celebrate the summer! Beg your parents for $5; the rest is covered. Oh! and rides home are provided.

Movie Night

Wednesday, July 20th: 6 to 8:15pm
Come out and be the cool big kids--mentors are needed. Sit with kids, play with kids, serve small peeps.
101 Dalmatians Par-tay! Wear black and white, puppy ears, tails...let's play!

Mosaic Kids Summer 2016 Flyer
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Image Credit

Bracelets: Herald Post; CC BY-NC 2.0