Mosaic Kids is Growing

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The kids department is taking some big steps forward as winter gives way to spring this year. Here's what's coming:

Mosaic Kids

Mary Walke has become Assistant Director in the kids department. She is Heather’s right hand ‘craft expert’, ‘baker extraordinaire,’ and ‘kind-heart’ to the children. When you see her, please thank her for her efforts and energy around caring for our children.


A Sunday class for grades 6 to 9 will start on Sunday, March 19th, meeting on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. On the off-weeks, students have a choice to either help in Mosaic Kids class or sit with their families in the main service. Andy Wheeland is the instructor, working alongside Heather Stevenson in class planning.

Nursery Class

Nursery Class will officially open on Sunday, March 19th as well. Infant through 3 years old. Nursery will open at 10:15am. Nursery Class includes age-appropriate play, snacks, and Bible story introduction. Shirley Scott is the instructor, working alongside Heather in planning for care.


A big thank you to all our families and volunteers who help us love and teach and support kids week in and week out. And special thanks to Mary, Andy, and Shirley for making it possible to grow like this.