Pausing to Fast Before Moving Ahead

In 2014, Mosaic was still in its previous building in Walnut Hill. We had finished most of what we set out to do there, and we knew the next step was to look for a new home. But we weren't sure how to make that happen, and we struggled to make progress.Finally, in early 2015, we decided to fast and pray together, asking God to guide us and to provide a way forward.Two years later, we're established at Weider's Hall, we've completed most of our move-in goals, and we're seeing "early-spring-like" growth. There is a lot to celebrate. But that also means we're in another change-of-season moment: it's time to begin growing the ministry of the church in earnest. And like before, we're struggling to make progress.That's been a topic of conversation among the Elders this winter. We feel that, before moving into that next season, we ought to pause again to seek God. So next Wednesday, we'll begin fasting. We've asked the Board and Staff to strongly consider it as well. And we're inviting all of Mosaic to join us.In 2015, we built a big program with a two-week preparation period. This time, we think what matters most is to simply begin. So here's the plan:
  • Wednesday, May 17 @ 7PM: we're gathering in the evening to launch the fast with worship, prayer, and discussion
  • During the week that follows: we'll fast and pray, each person deciding what kind of fast is best.
  • Tuesday, May 23 @ 7:30PM: we'll gather again to break the fast, celebrate, share insights and experiences, and commit ourselves to the work of the next season.

We hope God will respond in two important ways: (1) bring unity and clarity of vision for how to grow our ministry and (2) provide the resources we will need to do that work. These needs will be at the heart of our prayers during the fast. We will also consider other week-long fasts later in the year.Over the next several days, please consider if and how you'll participate. If possible, clear your calendar for the evening gatherings. And check out our Reposition website. It's still live, and it offers resources and sermon recordings that explain fasting and offer different ways to do it.And remember, a fast is precisely not a new item for your to-do list. It's the opposite. When you fast, you create emptiness in your life—an emptiness that you intend only for God to fill. Even if God says or gives nothing new during this time, at the very least we will all learn a little better what it means to depend on God.