Four New Focus Areas for Mosaic

A Big Mission

There's a lot we're called to accomplish as a church and a lot that we're passionate about. When you put it all on paper, it's a massive list. But every church faces their own version of it. It doesn't have to be overwhelming.For 10 years, Mosaic has been trying to find and settle into a home that suits our vision for the stuff-we-gotta-do list. To put it mildly, that search has been a burden and a distraction.But this summer, with work on Weider's Hall nearing completion and our lease renewed, our future is open in a way that it has not been for a long, long time. Selling or buying property, moving or waiting for construction—all that is behind us.

We Have a Plan

Which brings us back to our list. There's a lot of stuff to do.Last week, Mosaic's Elders, Board of Directors, and Staff adopted a simple strategy for getting started in this new era. We're going to channel our creativity and effort into four "focus areas": Kids Ministry, Weider's Hall, People Care, Life Groups.[*]

Why These Four?

There were a lot of focus areas to choose from. But anything beyond four isn't very "focused" anymore. And these particular options have a lot going for them:

  • Kids Ministry and Weider's Hall: are already priorities, for which we've made big investments.
  • People Care: responding well to people's real material and spiritual needs is a key way Jesus loved and calls us to love.
  • Life Groups: are something we do fairly well, they have huge potential to be mobilized in a lot of ways, and they serve a lot of important ministry purposes.

It's important to understand what's not happening. We are not putting other things on hold until we "accomplish" the focus areas. What we are doing is making these four areas into platforms that can support all the pieces of our mission—that stuff-we-gotta-do list.

For Example

Here's a sketch of how that could work for a basic goal like serving the community:

  • Through our members' relationships, Sunday visitors, projects and events, we begin to create new connections with local families. (Perhaps the focus areas cooperate on a church-wide project/event that catalyzes these connections.)
  • Weider's Hall provides a safe, attractive venue for the events, gatherings where connections occur.
  • As those relationships form, those families share their strengths and challenges.
  • Our people care system (Pastor/Elders, prayer team, benevolence, etc.) provides care for urgent needs, connects them to helpful resources.
  • The Kids' Department develops new programming to address those needs more deeply and long-term.
  • Life Groups offer families friendship, relational, and practical support.

This is how we're going to tackle that big list of stuff-we-gotta-do. Kids, Building, Life Groups, People Care all tackle it together.

First Steps

We've begun by setting up small teams in each focus area. Their job is to envision, plan, and build their areas up. They'll take stock of the opportunities in their area, choose some doable next steps, and see them through. We are not talking about massive new projects. We're talking about growing each area stronger—consistently, thoughtfully, and purposefully. Over time, Mosaic's collective ability to fulfill its mission will grow, too.

[*] You can listen to Dave talk about this at the beginning of the July 30 podcast.